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The potential risks of a laser pointer 2000mW are generally considered to be limited to the unprotected eyes of individuals that may be exposed to a direct beam (optical vision). There is usually no risk of skin. The natural aversion reaction or the eye's reflection of the light (t = 0.25 s) usually limits the exposure of the wave to the safety level of the secondary emission unit (ANSI Z136, however, "for the safe use of the laser", it is recommended to use the 5 mW visible diode laser for intentional intravenous injection, which may require 0.7 optical density (OD) eye filter, whose exposure sequence is 0.25 second longer exposure will require higher ODs diffusing vision conditions without eye protection.

The most common problem associated with laser Pointers and eyes is known as instant blindness. Blinding blinding occurs when the eye becomes blinding after exposure to bright light. Most people experience instant blindness after taking pictures with their cameras. This situation is temporary and most people regain their sight after a minute or two. Instant blindness can be dangerous if someone is performing visually demanding tasks such as driving a car. There are several incidents reported that some of the airline pilots on the ground were flashing, and the target was a 1,000mw green laser pen in the cockpit and in 2010, the faa reported 2,836 cases of this kind of case.

The next higher level, the IIIb range from 5 to 500 mW. You can also legally buy this kind of air gun laser sight in the United States. But since these lasers can permanently damage their eyesight, they're limited by using them. You can't use it in an environment where the beam can escape to the outside. Be clear here, which means you can't legally use them outside. Now, you might want to adopt a "bloodless, unwrong" attitude, which is good for you. But please note that if you have any error, or you find yourself in a narrow individual, then you have no legal steps to prepare good cohesion. In addition, according to my own product < 5 mw, nothing reason to get products outside the disadvantage.

However, there are more burning blue laser pointer for sale. Units usually don't have the proper manufacturer certification or label to import to the United States. This type of needle, which is imported from Russia, from the pump, at 532nm, is a green beam from the YAG laser. The beam is the envelope of the 40ns pulse of 0.5 mu J/pulse at approximately 1.7 KHz. That is equivalent to about 0.85mW of average power. It's a pointer to each pulse that is 12 times higher than the standard of the MPE per ANSI Z136, which is why it has very large potential eyes, so you can see it directly!

In the next presentation, watch the powerful laser pencil and how wide is the beam you hold in your hand? What is the width of the stain that it forms? The answer depends on the laser pen you use and the distance on the screen. Usually, beam in indicator measurements at the exit of a few millimeters, and prominent at the other end of the room into a cm in diameter disc. Why the difference? And you might say, well, the reason is the diffraction on the air particles. In fact, some pointer contains a beam from the output fixed distance convergent lens. As a result, the rays diverge beyond the focus and do not have a major diffraction effect.

Let's say your laser pen is much more powerful: from a few milliwatts, we'll talk about a few givas. The beam will be 1012 times stronger than the standard pointer. If it hits the screen, the beam will soon dig a hole. What will he do when he goes through the auditorium? The answer is not straightforward: a strong enough air through a narrow laser beam through the "tunnel", for one over ten of a millimeter in diameter, the light distribution in dozens or even hundreds of meters.

Laser Pen Blue 2W

These "laser filament" is more than a decade ago created for the first time, we are now beginning to explore its application: the mapping of the atmospheric pollutants, the remote characterization of materials, even one day to grasp the lightning. After summarizing the amazing characteristics of these high power laser pointer, we will introduce some field experiments.

Handheld lasers are not toys! This lesson in the fall of 1996 was brought back to the state of Wisconsin an elementary school district. A 16-year-old girl was illuminated from the eyes of a laser pen used as a joke. She went through two temporary exposures, one routine pom pom, and went down the hallway again. She reported the incidents to her parents, adding that everything was green after the first exposure. For the second time, she could not see her right eye.

Although this is by far one of the most spectacular examples, but there are many reports of the United States and Britain similar temporary display. While it may seem clear that such a summary exposure can only have a temporary impact, there is no reason to drop a pointer to someone. The laser research institute and the American academy of ophthalmology has received a report from a longer exposure time, including by observing the pointer intentionally check two retinal damage.

Laser experts believe that the green laser pen should not be used for prank. Children is not always looking for laser pointer malicious purpose. A man from Florida because mine was arrested a police near the work site, was arrested. American laser research institute also received about athletes and athletes in the athletes flash reports of laser pointer.



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