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Entradas para Blue Foundation (USA/DK) en Café Berlin, Madrid

Blue Foundation (USA/DK) en Café Berlin, Madrid

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Blue Foundation (USA/DK) en Café Berlin, Madrid

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Entradas Blue Foundation (USA/DK) en Café Berlin, Madrid 


(Electro, Ambient, Shoegaze, Dream-pop, Industrial) USA / Dinamarca
Componentes :Tobias Wilner (composer/singer/laptop), Bo Rande (composer/trumpet/synths), Sonya Kitchel (Singer/guitar) and Federico Ughi (drums)
Links :   Facebook /  Bandcamp  / Soundcloud   
Una de las bandas más importantes de la escena electrónica americana, Blue Foundation, visitan Madrid el 20 de Julio, en Café Berlin, de la mano de Gorgeous George en colaboración con Indypendientes. Presentarán su nuevo álbum, "Blood Moon" repleto de excelentes colaboraciones musicales de la talla de Mark Kozelek (Red House Painters, Sun Kil Moon), Jonas Bjerre (MEW) y Erika Spring (Au Revoir Simone/ Nice As Fuck). Escucha el último álbum de Blue Foundation​ en Spotify y deja que te atrapen sus atrayentes canciones.

Tobias Wilner, fundador de la reconocida banda electro-shoegaze danesa Ghost Society Official ​, nos presentará su actual proyecto Blue Foundation​. Sin abandonar sus orígenes, Tobias, junto a Bo Rande, crea nuevos escenarios musicales y audiovisuales donde concurren nuevos sonidos ambient, downtempo, industrial dreampop para crear una de las bandas más cautivadoras de la música electrónica moderna. Con 177k seguidores en facebook y su laureado repertorio en películas y series como Twilight o The Vampires Diaries, la banda americana Blue Foundation promete ser una de las propuestas más interesantes para este próximo mes de Julio. 

+ info https://bluefoundationofficial.com/    facebook https://www.facebook.com/bluefoundation/



“Tobias Wilner is the glue that keeps Blue Foundation alluring, bullshit-free, and strong yet emotional.”

"Lost" is the first track we're hearing from In My Mind I Am Free and it finds the duo teaming with
Brooklyn-by-way-of-Copenhagen songstress Sara Savery. Her breathy, longing vocals beautifully complement the brushes
of woozy guitars, slow-bursting noise, and fuzzy drums and bass.”

"And their storybook tale of longing is just as enchanting without any vampires."

"the duo once again explore a lush form of electronica, and the result is nothing short of sublime."

“Excitement grows with every track and then before you know it, it’s reached that last song.
It’s like waking up from a wonderful dream and entering back into the real world."

Noisey/VICE about "Broken Life"
"An amazing song..."

Now It’s On
"Electronic dream-pop? That seems to be the most fitting description for the new album from the duo of
Tobias Wilner and Bo Rande, better known as Blue Foundation. Label it whatever you like, I call the majority of it mesmerizing.”

“There are some albums that you can tell are going to take you on an adventure as soon as the play button is hit.”

12 years into their career, and it’s easy to see just how much they have refined their sound.
When you hear the melancholy synthpop hums echoing about, the universe is yours to hold on to.” 



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