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Tickets for BARONESS + AATHMA en Madrid | Sound Isidro 2016

BARONESS + AATHMA en Madrid |  Sound Isidro 2016

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BARONESS + AATHMA en Madrid | Sound Isidro 2016

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Entradas BARONESS + AATHMA en Madrid |  Sound Isidro 2016

  • Fecha: 5 de marzo de 2016
  • Hora: 20:00h  
  • Lugar: Teatro Barceló
  • Precio: 20€ + gastos de gestión 

Entradas BARONESS + AATHMA en Madrid |  Sound Isidro 2016 el 5 de marzo de 2016.

Baroness' triumphant new album contains some of the biggest, brightest and most glorious riffs and choruses the adventurous rock group has ever recorded. But its title, Purple, also reflects a dark moment in the group's recent history: the terrifying bus crash they survived while on tour in 2012. "The band suffered a gigantic bruise," singer-guitarist John Baizley says of the accident. "It was an injury that prevented us from operating in a normal way for quite some time. Hopefully, this record is the springboard that helps us get away from all that."


The album, which is due out December 18 and which producer Dave Fridmann (the Flaming Lips, Sleater-Kinney) helmed, covers the gamut of emotions Baroness have experienced in recent years and serves as their victory cry. Purple finds a revamped lineup of the band – Baizley and Pete Adams (guitar, vocals) and new additions Nick Jost (bass, keyboards) and Sebastian Thomson (drums) – playing 10 intricately textured tunes and singing about the worry they felt immediately after the crash ("If I Have to Wake Up (Would You Stop the Rain)"), the struggle to recover as smoothly as possible ("Chlorine & Wine") and their ongoing quest for survival ("The Iron Bell"). From its bulldozing opener "Morningstar" to the avant-garde 17-second closer "Crossroads of Infinity," the record is at once both their most emotionally threadbare and musically complex offering to date, with passages that allude to their classic-rock roots as much as their crushing metal past.



Las entradas para BARONESS + AATHMA en Madrid |Sound Isidro 2016 tienen un coste de 20€ + gastos de gestión.

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