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GCEC European Summit

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We hope you've marked your calendars!

Come to Madrid and get to know the early stage startup hub!

This summer the European Institute for Entrepreneurship (EIE) as the only GCEC member to represent Spain is launching the first ever GCEC European Summit with the goal of broadening the consortium. The overall mission is twofold: bring together European GCEC members to discuss issues relevant to them in their regional context, and offer the opportunity to those who are not yet GCEC members in Europe to come and experience GCEC, learn about options and exchange best practices. The summit acts as a steppingstone for non-European members to join the larger community.

The European Institute for Entrepreneurship (EIE) was established in 2013 to support entrepreneurs and promote entrepreneurship. With a center in Madrid and another soon to open in London, the EIE offers a series of activities, initiatives, and programs for startups, SMEs, and those wanting to learn about entrepreneurship. While the EIE is not directly affiliated with a university, as a leading entrepreneurial center in Madrid they have a wealth of experience in best practice both in running an entrepreneurial center and providing support and formative programs for entrepreneurs.

Be prepared not only to get to know Madrid as a budding entrepreneurial ecosystem but as the historical landmark of Europe and more specifically Spain. We've prepared a full two day conference packed with disruptive panels and activities. 

Check out our webpage for a detailed account of the schedule of events and activities that the summit has to offer!




Looking foward to seening you there!

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