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2nd COOK & Health Symposium

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2nd COOK & Health Symposium

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The 2nd COOK & Health Scientific Symposium is an event whom objective is to share up-to-date knowledge on the relationships between cooking, eating behaviours and health. The conference programme contains keynote presentations from eminent speakers and international experts. Additionally these will supplemented with short 10-min oral presentations slots on work in progress. In addition there will be space for poster presentations.


Amongst the questions that will be discussed: what is the definition of cooking? What are the trends in cooking habits? How can we motivate people to cook? Why should we enhance cooking skills? How effective are cooking programs for health?

The 2nd COOK & Health Scientific Symposium is co-organised by BCC INNOVATION - Research and Innovation Center, and University of West London.




9:00 - 9:30 Registration



Welcome and Introduction speeches

Elena Urdaneta, Research Director BCC INNOVATION, Basque Culinary Center

Janet Rowson, Deputy Dean and Head of hospitality and Food Studies, The London Geller college of Hospitality and Tourism, University West London



Impact of a French food education programme on consumption of vegetables by children

Mohamed Merdji, France



Home cooking practices, experiences and perceptions: qualitative interviews using photo-elicitation

Susanna Mills, UK


10:55 Coffee Break & POSTER Session



Oral presentations (x4)



A Gastrophysics approach to healthier eating habits

Jozef Youssef, UK


13:05 Buffet Lunch in Pillars Restaurant& POSTER Session



Oral presentations (x3)



Foodservice with a side of responsibility: the challenges of implementing Corporate Social Responsibility in the hospitality sector

Peter Cross, UK



Recipes for early childhood health

Sen Virudachalam, USA



Round Table: What should be the future of cooking research?

Leslie Cunningham-Sabo (USA); Julia Wolfson (USA); Klazine van der Horst (Switzerland); Ana Costa (Portugal); Martin Caraher (UK)





17:30 End of the Symposium




Other oral presentations


The Development of Kitchen Technology and Food Preparation in the English Country House 1315 – 1865

Nancy Scalon; USA (Florida International University)


Influence of food preparation behaviours on 5-year weight gain and obesity risk in French adults

Caroline Méjean, Wendy Si Hassen, Aurélie Lampuré, Séverine Gojard, Pauline Ducrot, Sandrine Péneau, Serge Hercberg, Katia Castetbon; France (Université Paris 13, INRA)


Kids in the Kitchen: Mothers’ perceptions of Mess and Mayhem

Fiona Lavelle & Moira Dean; UK (Queens University Belfast)


Culinary workshops and shared meals against undernutrition and social isolation: the cases of two retiree’s associations in Lyon

Sonia Bouima, Maxime Michaux, Séverine Gojard; France (Institut Paul Bocuse)


“Facecook”, design and rool-out of a community based social network to promote healthy eating practices amongst low income population

Jacques Bibai, Nicolas Darcel, Manon Dugré, Julien Ollivier, Faustine Regnier, Manon Robin; France (INRA, AgroParisTech, Université Paris-Saclay)


New tools to promote vegetable consumption of college students: Participatory food development and sensory-based activities for adolescents

Anu Hopia, Susanna Ihanus, Mari Sandell; Finland (University of Turku)


Reimagining Nutrition Education in a Teaching Kitchen, Kate Shafto, Jenny Breen, Dominic Decker; USA (University of Minnesota)


Poster Presentations


(1) Cook-In-Pack: A culinary innovative solution for tasty, nutritious, convenient, ready to eat and clean label meals

Amira Kassis, Gaëlle Schlup-Ollivier; Suisse (Nestlé Research Center)


(2) Effects of contexts on liking and consumers’ choices: focus on the variations related to food preparation conditions

Adriana Galiñanes Plaza, Laure Saulais, Julien Delarue; France (Institut Paul Bocuse)


(3) Leveraging personal norm to promote home cooking

Ana Isabel de Almeida Costa; Portugal (Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics)


(4) Little Cooking, a serious game to promote cooking pulses

Anne-Claire Boisseau, Olga Davidenko, Gilles Fromentin, Daniel Tomé, Julien Ollivier, Jacques Bibai, Nicolas Darcel ; France (INRA, AgroParisTech, Université Paris-Saclay)


(5) Social disparities in food preparation behaviours: a DEDIPAC study

Caroline Méjean, Wendy Si Hassen, Aurélie Lampuré, Séverine Gojard, Pauline Ducrot, Sandrine Péneau, Serge Hercberg, Katia Castetbon; France (Université Paris 13, INRA)


(6) A realist evaluation of cooking skills courses in Scotland

Kim Newstead, Jacqui McDowell; Scotland (NHS Health Scotland)


(7) Challenges and Opportunities for Integrating Cooking Experiences into U.S. Nutrition Education Programs for Low-Income Children and Youth

Leslie Cunningham-Sabo, Susan Baker, Brigid McDonnell, Jessica Clifford, Barbara Lohse, Stephanie Smith; USA (Colorado State University)


(8) Culinary intervention in an elderly population to improve the sensory perception in acid fruit

Luisa Solano, MR Teruel, C Cuadrado, B Beltrán; Spain (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)


(9) Cooking trends and globalization: Dynamics as perceived by culinary art students in 5 countries

Maxime Michaud; France (Institut Paul Bocuse)


(10) Effect of changing portion sizes on vegetable and meat consumption, waste and meal satisfaction

Nicole Neufingerl, Erik van Bommel, Ria van der Maas; The Netherlands (Unilever R&D Vlaardingen)


(11) The culinary act in everyday life: definition and pilot study

Sarah Bastien, Clémentine Hugol-Gential, Jean-Jacques Boutaud ; France (Université de Bourgogne)


(12) Teaching Food Agency through inquiry and action

Amy Trubek, Jacob Lahne, Caitlin Morgan, Julia Wolfson, Shauna Henley, Stephanie Bostic, Jean Harvey, Joanne Curran-Celentano, Cynthia Belliveau; USA (University of Vermont)

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