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Tickets for I Festival de Flamenco y Trovo Ciudad de Vera 2012

I Festival de Flamenco y Trovo Ciudad de Vera 2012

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I Festival de Flamenco y Trovo Ciudad de Vera 2012

  • From 07 aug to 11 aug
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  • Plaza de Toros de Vera, Vera show map
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Martes 7 Agosto, Plaza de Vera a las 21.30h.

Miércoles 8 Agosto, Plaza de Toros de Vera a las 22.00h

Jueves 9 Agosto, Plaza de Toros de Vera a la 22.00h.

Espectáculo Fusión Tango Flamenco “AIRES PORTEÑOS” a cargo del ballet “Entredanzas” y del ensamble “Tango Tirao” 

Viernes 10 Agosto, Plaza de Toros de Vera a las 22.00h

Sábado 11 Agosto, Plaza de Toros de Vera a las 22.00h

  • Actuación de la estrella internacional
  • MARINA HEREDIA y su espectáculo “Recital de Corte Clásico” 


From August 7th to 11th, 2012-07-11 

        This summer there is a unique event in the Levante in Almeria: a five-day festival where flamenco (declared Patrimony of Humanity by the UNESCO) and trovo (quintessential popular improvised poetry) will go hand in hand to delight us all. 

And it will not be a flamenco and a trovo of circumstances but of the best quality, featuring artists who are the best among the best.  

I Festival de Flamenco y Trovo Ciudad de Vera 2012

But we must talk about the spatial framework: VERA. This legendary city, successor to the Baria Phoenicians and Romans, and Muslims Bareas has always been the epicenter of an entire region, with villages as beautiful and endearing like Mojácar, Bédar, Carboneras, Turre, Cuevas del Almanzora ... 

One could say that Vera is a bit the heart of this area, and for years it´s been  fashionable for its nudist beaches and its residential and coquetish tourism.  

But now the City of Vera has something else in mind: to turn the town into a cultural enclave for those who love the Mediterranean as an essential reflection of our civilization: Music, Dance and Poetry. 

Vera will offer high-profile shows in its beautiful old bullring: concerts, soirees, and we this year we announce the FESTIVAL, which must be an added cultural element to its museums (archaeological, ethnographic, taurine, geology ...) its monuments and ruins (especially the Old Vera of The Holy Spirit and the Hill of Pajarraco). 

I Festival de Flamenco y Trovo Ciudad de Vera 2012

But why flamenco and why trovo?  There are very important reasons for the City of Vera to have its own FESTIVAL.  We hope that in the next years it will be recognized as of the most important in the country: now is the beginning, we are sowing, laying the first roots. 

It is true, Pedro "the Morato", was born in Vera in the 1840s and was the creator of one of the styles of flamenco: the Taranto which was  one of the toughest and most complex singing styles in flamenco, sprung from the cries of the miners working in mines of  Sierra de Gador and Almagrera. 

But also, in 1860, one of the greatest “troveros” and “repentizadores” was born. He was called Pepe “the Raspajo”, and was a  contemporary of Jose Castillo, Marin and El Minero, those great figures in the late nineteenth century who revolutionized the world of trovo . 

        Así pues vamos a homenajear a esos símbolos, a esos padres del flamenco y del trovo, con cinco días maravillosos, de espectáculo en la calle (en la plaza Mayor de Vera) y en la plaza de Toros, con grandes figuras como son los casos de Rocío Segura (poseedora de la lámpara minera de la Unión), Anabel Veloso que ha paseado la danza española por medio mundo, o Marina Heredia, una de las divas más aclamadas del flamenco de raza y temple; 

I Festival de Flamenco y Trovo Ciudad de Vera 2012

Hence we are going to pay tribute to those symbols, to those parents of flamenco and the trovo, with five wonderful days of entertainment on the streets (in the Plaza Mayor de Vera) and the bullring.  Great figures of the world of flamenco such as Rocío Segura (“Union Mining Lamp” prize holder), Anabel Veloso  who has  introduced spanish dance throughout the world , or Marina  Heredia, one of the most acclaimed flamenco divas in breed and  temper,  will share with us their talent.

 We will have the latest in fusion of flamenco with other musical genres,  in this case the tango.  We will have the opportunity to enjoy the  precious and intimate music and dance developed by the groups Entredanzas / Tango Tirao Ensemble, entitled "Aires Porteños Aires." And the same thing will happen with the trovo where we will enjoy the very first exisitng stars of this genre, like the Cubans Alexis Díaz Pimienta or Tomasita Quiala, or the Spanish Seville (the best from the Alpujarra) and El Taxista (coming from the Unión of Cartagena) .  


I Festival de Flamenco y Trovo Ciudad de Vera 2012

But that is not all. Within the framework of FESTIVAL we have organized a Singing and Dancing Contest of Flamenco which will last for two days. We want to promote the flamenco from Almería and Andalusia, but furthermore as a universal form of art. The competitors ​​will have the opportunity to demonstrate their “duendes” (elves), their melismas, their nuances, their spins and”taconeos” to amaze,  surprise, ultimately, the discerning viewers. 

The winners will be given the jar of five peaks, a very ancient symbol of the country which represents the five senses. Because, the same way the clay makes very fresh water, in flamenco, be it sung or danced, the senses have to be blended as best as possible, to offer the best creation, a creation which borders on perfection and squanders mastery and soul. 


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