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Tickets for Peña El Ajo 2019 (La Vaquilla del Ángel, Teruel)

Peña El Ajo 2019 (La Vaquilla del Ángel, Teruel)

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Peña El Ajo 2019 (La Vaquilla del Ángel, Teruel)

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 (Todas las actuaciones son gratuitas)

(All performances are free)


*Adquirir la entrada te convierte en SOCIO de El Ajo 2019, con todo lo conlleva detallado a continuación:


- Pulsera de tela con descuentos en las barras de bar del evento (se canjea con la entrada)

- Camiseta/regalo del evento (se canjea con la entrada)

- Tickets para cenas, comidas, bebidas y sorteos (se canjea con la entrada)

- Revista, programa y APP del evento donde se explican y detallan todos los actos (se canjea con la entrada)

- 6 cubatas, litros de cerveza y kalimotxo o refrescos en las barras de bar del evento (con tickets)

- Cenas del viernes, sábado, domingo, lunes y comida del domingo (con tickets)

- Vermú del domingo y lunes (con pulsera)

- Café/copa/puro del sábado, domingo y lunes (con tickets)

- Merienda del domingo (bocadillo, fruta y regalo), y del lunes ("regañao"), ambas con pinta de cerveza (con tickets)

- Barra libre nocturna del sábado, domingo y lunes (con pulsera, 2 horas de duración cada una)

- Barras libres ("remojones"): local del evento y establecimientos de la ciudad (con pulsera, desde el viernes al lunes, marcados en el programa del evento)

- Bolsa de polvos holi (con ticket)

- Participar en el sorteo del peso corporal de 2 socios por litros de cerveza

y Gran Premio de Aragón de Moto GP 2019 (con ticket)


*Precios barras de bar del evento SOCIOS 2019:

- Agua: 1€    - Pinta de Cerveza: 1,5€    - Refrescos: 1,5€    - Cubatas: 4€

- Licores: 2,5€    - Litro de Cerveza y Kalimotxo: 4,5€    - Litro de Cubata: 10€ 



Looking for an excuse to experience summer in Spain?


The ‘Peña El Ajo’ programme guarantees you a safe, enjoyable stay where you can expect to experience, first-hand, the Spanish culture and have a ball along the way!


For more information, don’t hesitate to visit:




Subscribe to the ‘Peña El Ajo’ programme, 2019 for only 95€! You’d be mad not to.

           Upon arrival at Teruel, head for the event to pick up all accessories on offer. The party is expected to commence circa 18:00 on Friday 5th July.


           SPECIAL OFFERS:

                          Groups of between 6 and 9 people save €5 per head.

                          Groups of 10+ people can avail of a €10 discount per head.

           REMEMBER, to avail of these special offers, please notify us beforehand via email:  



We hope you make the best of all of ours FREE acts and performances under the heat of the Spanish sun! All members of Peña El Ajo can expect to receive the following:

  • Wristband granting free drinks

  • Two surprise gifts

  • A magazine, our events schedule and our mobile app

  • 6 spirits/pints/Liter of beer and Kalimotxo/non-alcoholic drinks

  • A full dinner everyday from Friday through to Monday

  • Lunch on Sunday

  • Vermouth on Sunday and Monday afternoon

  • Coffee, a spirit and cigar on Saturday, Sunday and Monday afternoons

  • Free drink for 2 hours on Saturday, Sunday and Monday night

  • Random free drink giveaways in the afternoon, evening and night in our facilities and in different restaurants or bars in the city.

  • A supply of body paint


As a member of El Ajo, you will have the chance to take part in three raffles for the following:

  • One ticket to watch the MotoGP Grand Prix in Aragón (Alcañiz)

  • Your bodyweight of beer, FOR FREE!

Price guide during the event:

Water: 1€    Pint of cool/cold Beer: 1.5€    Soft drinks: 1.5€    Spirits (glass of ½ liter): 4€

Liquors: 2.5€    Shots: 1.5/2€    Liter of beer and Kalimotxo: 4,5€    Liter of spirit: 10€