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Junius en sala Sonora

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Junius en sala Sonora

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Junius en sala Sonora

" the members of Junius have crafted their own distinctive style of genre-bending rock that’s borne of experiments in isolation and asceticism. It’s this austere approach from one of America's hardest working bands that adds a weighty sense of purpose and intrigue to their output.

“A perfect hybrid of Neurosis and The Smiths, striking a stunning balance of brutality and beauty. Spellbinding and heartbreaking, gripping from the first note to the last. A hard rock dream come true.” — Rolling Stone
“A rich, immersive experience, a bleak jewel of a record that takes obsession as its theme and rewards it in equal measure.” —Pitchfork

“Nothing short of breathtaking. 9/10” — Rock Sound
“Beautifully crafted, genuinely intellectual, and deeply moving.” — Alternative Press